3-6 years
8 Applied
Job Description

Job Description

  • Report to Engineer or his assigned.
  • Support process improvement and towards efficiency.
  • Read technical drawings and set up the machines in accordance with these blueprints
  • Responsibility and identify the CNC program is created correctly and is completed within the time requested.
  • Perform quality assurance tests to ensure products meet design specifications
  • Consider tools required to cut particular materials and program machines accordingly
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems with program error as they arise
  • Optimize program and reduce waste material.
  • To follow all improvement/cost saving project.
  • Support TPM Program and work towards reducing machine down time.
  • Ensure accuracy and timely readiness of goods produced under his responsibility.
  • Train new employees on how to properly operate CNC machines and programs.
  • Manage the tooling (Turret Punch / Press Brake) master list, timely update into system.
  • Responsible for personal safety and safe conduct as not to endanger others or company's properties.
  • Maintain consistent application of company policies, procedures and shop floor rules.
  • Adhere to all application Occupational Safety and Health laws and regulation as well as such standards, practices and procedures instituted by the Company.
  • Diploma / Degree in Mechanical Engineering or 23 years related experience.
  • Computer literate including design software and AutoCAD.
  • Must have strong attention to detail.
  • Available to work weekends and overtime.



Job Source: www.uwcberhad.com.my