Data Migration Analyst

3-9 years
28 days ago 18 Applied
Job Description

Job Description

To facilitate Data Migration Specialist, please possess the following 3 prerequisites:

Proficiency in SQL for Oracle and MySQL, with a strong querying ability.
Prior experience in employing FME and ETL tools for migration purposes.
FME is indeed an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool commonly used for data migration and transformation tasks.

Additional JD:
Responsible for the execution of data migration efforts including profiling, cleansing and migration data of jPPH legacy systems.
Extract structured and unstructured data from different inputs, databases, and other repositories;
Identify legacy data pattern and errors for the development of correction and cleansing processes;
Administering, implementing, testing, deploying, and managing ETL solutions using SAS Data Management Studio suite;
Segregate all data relevance to the JPPH NVIS development scope;
Conduct work related to efforts profiling, cleansing and migration of various systems related to JPPH valuation activities on-site or off-site including:
Identify various types of data issues present in the current legacy systems;
Determine proper correction approaches to effectively address data errors;
Develop source-to-target data mapping specifications and conversion design specifications;
Migrate cleansed and corrected data to the target database;
Develop and design ETL test cases, scenarios, and scripts;
Perform unit testing of each ETL mapping prior to the execution.
Address technical issue or problems and propose solutions within area of responsibilities
Perform any other tasks as assigned by the superior(s) from time to time.

1 year experience in real data management using SAS Data Management software or related software




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