DevOps Engineer (Java, Kafka, Public Cloud)

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DevOps Engineer (Java, Kafka, Public Cloud)

With a global team of 6000+ IT professionals, DHL IT Servicesconnects peopleand keeps the global economy runningby continuously innovating and creating sustainable digital solutions. We workbeyond global bordersand push boundaries acrossall dimensions of logistics. You canleave your markshaping thetechnology backboneof the biggest logistics company of the world. Our offices in Cyberjaya, Prague, and Chennai have earned#GreatPlaceToWorkcertification, reflecting our commitment to exceptional employee experiences.

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At IT Services, we are passionate about delivering innovative and scalable software solutions that drive business growth and enhance customer experiences. We strive to stay at the forefront of technology advancements, constantly exploring new tools, frameworks, and methodologies to ensure we provide the best solutions to our clients. Our team is dedicated to continuous learning and professional development, fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing. We are committed to delivering high-quality software that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of our stakeholders, while adhering to industry best practices and standards. Our Network Data Event Processing team is continuously expanding. No matter your level of DevOps Engineering proficiency, you can always grow within our diverse environment.

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Grow together

As a DevOps Engineer at DHL IT Services, specializing in Java, Kafka, and public cloud, you are an integral part of the development team. Your day begins by actively participating in agile meetings, collaborating with your team to understand project requirements and provide technical guidance. Leveraging your expertise in Java and Kafka, you work with other DevOps engineers to develop and enhance microservices-based applications. You ensure that the applications are scalable, reliable, and efficient, leveraging your knowledge of public cloud platforms like Azure to design and implement cloud-native architectures, utilizing containerization with Docker, orchestration with Kubernetes, and package management with Helm.

Throughout the day, you focus on automating and streamlining the development process. Working closely with your development team, you implement and maintain CI/CD pipelines using tools like Jenkins or GitLab CI. You utilize Helm, a package manager for Kubernetes, to define, install, and manage applications and their dependencies within the Kubernetes environment. Your expertise in Kubernetes allows you to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications efficiently. You collaborate with your development team to ensure sea mless integration of code changes, conduct code reviews, and provide valuable feedback to improve code quality and maintainability.

As a DevOps engineer embedded within the development team, you actively drive the adoption of DevOps practices within the organization. You contribute to the development of internal tools and frameworks that enhance productivity and efficiency. Staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies, you continuously explore new tools and techniques to improve the development process. Collaboration and knowledge sharing are key aspects of your role as you actively engage with your development team, sharing best practices and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. You actively participate in technical discussions, providing guidance on architectural decisions and ensuring that the software solutions developed align with best practices and industry standards.

Ready to embark on the journey Here's what we are looking for:

As aDevOps Engineer (Java, Kafka, Public Cloud), havingstrong development skills in Java and experience with building scalable and distributed systems using Kafkais a huge plus. Very good knowledge ofcontainerization technologies such as Docker and container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes, along with proficiency in Helm for package management, will also be an integral part of this role.

You are atechnologyaficionado, therefore you have a good understanding ofsoftware development best practices, design patterns, and coding standards. Your expertise in Java and Kafka allows you to work closely with development teams, providing technical guidance and contributing to the development of microservices-based applications. You are able to work independently, prioritize and organize your tasks under time and workload pressure. Working in a multinational environment, you can expect cross-region collaboration with teams around the globe, thus being advanced in spoken and written English will be certainly useful.

An array of benefits for you:

  • Unlimited Outpatient Medical for employees
  • Flexi Benefit Plan - Customized per individual needs
  • Choose any day for your Vacation from Earned Public Holiday (Saturday and Ad Hoc)
  • Modern offices with free parking

Great Team

Hi, my name is Chee Sing and I'm a team manager. I started my career at DHL IT Services back in 2015, when I took a role as Senior Consultant in the Shipment Data team. Gaining more hands-on experience with technical consultation and solutioning has always fascinated me, so I moved to the Network Operation team as a Senior Architect. From there, I moved fast through the company ladder and soon landed a Principal Architect role. In 2022, I moved to a management role, being Manager for Network Data Event Processing Team.Together with the strong support of a multinational & diverse team, we are working on our common ambition - delivering innovative and scalable software solutions that drive business growth and enhance customer experiences. Looking forward to having you onboard!

DHL is a German logistics company providing courier, package delivery and express mail service, which is a division of the German logistics firm Deutsche Post. The company group delivers over 1.6 billion parcels per year. DHL Express is market leader for parcel services in Europe and Germany's main Courier and Parcel Service.
The company DHL itself was founded in San Francisco, United States, in 1969 and expanded its service throughout the world by the late 1970s. In 1979, under the name of DHL Air Cargo, the company entered the Hawaiian islands with an inter-island cargo service using two DC-3 and four DC-6 aircraft. Adrian Dalsey and Larry Hillblom personally oversaw the daily operations until its eventual bankruptcy closed the doors in 1983. At its peak, DHL Air Cargo employed just over 100 workers, management and pilots.

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