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Job Description

Job Description

1. Job Summary
1.1 Responsible for new product quality requirement.
1.2 Ensure products manufactured meet product & process quality requirements.
1.3 Customer complaint resolution and product warranty improvement.
1.4 Develop, review and monitor the effectiveness of quality control procedures and processes, propose and implement improvements where necessary.
1.5 Ensure closed loop of internal and external audit finding include product safety audit.
1.6 Monitor and supervise QMM technician performance to ensure efficiency in quality management process.
1.7 Responsible for process improvement project and update Management on the improvement result.
1.8 Responsible for Quality problem resolution through problem solving process PSS/8D.
1.9 Generate and maintain inspection plan for in-process (EQ, FQ) and outgoing (VQ).
1.10 Responsible for component first article inspection approval (ISIR) and approval on incoming part inspection plan including cost reduction activities.
1.11 Monitor, report of KPI's in timely manner and establish action plan.
1.12 Any other tasks or responsibilities assigned by superior.
2. Job Scope
2.1.1 Responsibility for - Start up projects, warranty, customer complaint, first article approval (ISIR), reliability testing (QZ), etc.
2.1.2 New project product qualification test include fulfill the regulation requirement.
2.1.3 Actively involves in FEP, QG, FMEA, CP and production line release.
2.1.4 Prepare product test plan, product inspection plan (EP), QZ test plan and FQ/VQ
2.1.5 Provide training to QMM test technician on all the related inspection plan and checklist.
2.1.6 Work with service center to understand the product quality level in the market.
2.1.7 Coordinate project testing, investigate the failure and ensure close loop of the
action implemented.
2.1.8 Responsible for part release and incoming inspection plan.
2.1.9 Ensure all ISIR requirements are fulfill before ISIR released e.g. S,F,L,
and Cpk 1.33, etc
2.1.10 To ensure measurement methodology alignment between PgP2 and supplier.
2.1.11 To ensure all related fixture including short endurance for VQ/FQ audit, practical
test are ready before pilot.
2.1.12 Lead Q-VSM process and ensure fulfillment during pilot stage.
2.2.1 Responsible for product & process quality in Value Stream, support
VSM on product & process quality performance.
2.2.2 Responsible for quality management in process changes, sorting &
rework flow buyoff, concession management, customer complaint management, etc in the Value Stream
2.2.3 Responsible for quality management of ALR, product relocation, plant
to plant activities, new line/equipment, machine/process parameters/software buyoff, etc
2.2.4 Support & drive PUQ on supplier incoming material quality issue
disposition and 8D verification and evaluation.
2.2.5 Support cost saving, 2nd / alternatives source activities and approve
alteration change.
2.2.6 Regular review with production personnel for CP and FMEA.
2.2.7 Perform failure analysis on customer - warranty complaint tool and drive for
improvement to achieve the agreed target.
2.2.8 Ensure ANDI contents is checked before release and implemented
2.2.9 Conduct periodic audits to ensure line and process compliances.
2.2.10 Conduct Failure Investigation with cross-functional team for non-conformance incidents.
2.2.11 Drive cross functional team for Quality process improvement (e.g. Q- VSM, functional test quality gates, MES quality data analysis, etc)
2.2.12 Responsible for plant to plant quality complaint management.
2.2.13 Responsible for product transfer on quality measures between plant.
2.2.14 Responsible for monthly Quality meeting, warranty analysis reporting.


3.1 Formal Education
3.1.1 Bachelor Degree or equivalent in Mechanical / Electrical & Electronics Engineering or Science.
3.1.2 Proficiency in spoken and written English and Bahasa Malaysia. Understand mandarin will be preferred.
3.2 Knowledge and Exposure
3.2.1 Minimum of 2 years experience in a manufacturing environment (Engineering, quality or project management).
3.2.2 Good in technical report writing and include complete data analysis and action
3.2.3 Experience in Plastic molding, metal stamping, turn part, PCBA, die-cast, hardening part is required. Knowledge in software coding will added the advantages
3.2.4 Knowledge of ISO 9001 Standard, TS16949, EN Product Standards, Product safety
requirement e.g. UL, CSA.
3.2.5 Familiar with Statistical QC tools & measurement methods, FMEA, MSA, SPC, etc.
3.2.6 Able to understand and interpret technical drawing and perform measurement with measuring equipment such as CMM, vision scope, profile projector, gear profile and hardness tester.
3.2.7 Hand on experience on failure analysis and problem solving methodology e.g. 5 Why's, RCA, fault tree analysis etc.
3.3 Knowledge, Skills and Ability
3.3.1 Ability to apply in-depth knowledge of problem solving technique in solving Quality issues including risk assessment evaluation.
3.3.2 Effective communication skills with all levels within the organization, suppliers and customers.JOB DESCRIPTION Version
3.3.3 Proficient in application of DOE, SPC, MSA, Process Capability and 8D.
3.3.4 Ability to manage personnel time to ensure completion of assignments.
3.3.5 Ability to work with minimum supervision and self-motivation.




Hardness Tester
Measurement Methods
Metal Stamping
Problem Solving Methodology
Plastic Molding
Profile Projector
Hardening Part
Gear Profile
Turn Part
Vision Scope
Statistical QC Tools
ISO 9001 Standard
Risk Assessment Evaluation
EN Product Standards

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