HVAC Engineer

3-10 years
5000 - 8000 MYR monthly
2 months ago 6 Applied
Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance management of chiller, air-conditioning, liquid cooling system, water supply and drainage, pipeline valves and other HVAC related system equipment in the data center;
  • Meet the SLA standards of data center customers, ensure the safe operation of water system in the equipment room without accidents, meet the business continuity requirements, and provide technical support for on-site operation and maintenance according to the problems raised by customers;
  • Responsible for the safe operation and management of HVAC systems within the jurisdiction;
  • Responsible for the on-site command, investigation and emergency repair of HVAC system faults;
  • Responsible for regular spot inspection and risk assessment of HVAC system, and supervise on-site rectification of safety and risk problems found;
  • Responsible for HVAC skills training and ability training for team members, and organizing training and drills;
  • Responsible for the preparation of data center HVAC system equipment emergency plan EOP; Prepare HVAC system equipment preventive maintenance plan, MOP of maintenance content; Responsible for the HVAC system related equipment maintenance contract performance and implementation;
  • Responsible for formulating energy-saving measures, implementing energy-saving indicators of infrastructure operation and maintenance of data centers, and realizing continuous optimization of PUE/WUE of data centers;
  • Responsible for compiling operation specifications and operation instructions of HVAC system equipment;
  • Responsible for the construction management of HVAC system overhaul, risk elimination and transformation, and customer transformation, including the development or review of technical plans, construction drawings, construction plans, project acceptance, archiving of change data, review of settlement data, etc.;
  • Responsible for the management and regular inspection of HVAC system related documents and operation and maintenance tools;
  • Responsible for the optimization and improvement of HVAC BA system and the analysis of HVAC related data;
  • Responsible for the review and optimization of the technical drawings of the new data center, the inspection of construction and installation, and the verification and testing of the computer room;
  • Cooperate with superiors, operation and maintenance of other professional, department to cooperate with matters.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in HVAC or electrical engineering;
  • More than 3 years of practical experience in operation and maintenance management of large computer room or data center, large comprehensive building chiller air conditioning, pipeline valve;
  • Have working experience in HVAC operation and maintenance of data centers with more than 3000 cabinets, and participated in factory inspection, debugging and acceptance as Party A;
  • Familiar with the principle, operation and maintenance points of air conditioning, cooling machine (screw machine, centrifuge, terminal equipment), liquid cooling system and full refrigerant system, capable of independently judging HVAC system faults and guiding the team;
  • Familiar with the basic principle of liquid cooling system, functions of main components, daily operation and maintenance points and emergency fault handling ability;
  • Familiar with the related specifications and requirements of ASHRAE standards, such as AHRI 550/590, ANSI/ASHRAE 127, CTI standards;
  • Familiar with the coordination process of various majors during project operation and maintenance;
  • Be able to actively promote the progress of work, have good communication and coordination skills, team spirit, strong organization and coordination ability and execution ability;
  • Able to learn quickly and work under strong pressure;
  • Integrity and dedication, proactive, good at coordination and communication, have good verbal and written skills.
  • Proficient in Mandarin; English and Bahasa Malaysia are preferred
  • Familiar with the local special equipment or safety supervision unit inspection, acceptance requirements and key points of cooperation; Actively participate in and cooperate with;
  • Adapt to short-term business trips and job transfer arrangements.

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