IT Dev Ops- Infrastructure & Governance Lead & Infrastructure & OPS Readiness Lead

10-13 years
10 Applied
Job Description

Job Description
You are: (personality / competencies etc)

  • Great leader with strong skillset and mature in managing infrastructure and driving people into achieving big ambitions
  • Adhere our core values and live up to the DiGi leadership expectations :
    • You must be Passionate about the business i.e. You have the will to win by having deep insights of our Customers focusing on what makes us successful and setting ambitious goals and motivating people to deliver
    • You are person who likes to listen and Explore opportunities for improvement i.e. You have the courage to challenge & be challenged create visible change and nurture creativity and innovation
    • You are someone who ensures Excellent Execution from your people i.e You are driven by turning decisions into results by raising the bar simplifying decision making and delivering on decisions with quality
    • You Empower People i.e. You believe in the capabilities of our people and set clear expectations you guide, coach and support them through continuous feedback and have trust in them and able to give responsibility to them
    • You have active Engagement with team and internal stakeholder in order to collaborate and build winning spirit in the team.
    • You maintain a strong sense of Integrity & Accountability always i.e. you take ownership of your results & the DiGi Way of conducting business, by making the Code of Conduct a way of life showing transparency and taking ownership and maintaining One DiGi always.
  • Someone who is highly regarded for his/her technical background and a specialist in technical management and delivery under Managed Organization.

Your responsibilities: (What is this role all about What does the applicant have to do)
  • Comply and Lead the overall Infrastructure target Blueprint and architecture , maintaining a standardized and cost effective infrastructure environment
  • Managing inventory and cost to ensure sufficient capacity is available to deliver cost effective infrastructure services.
  • Collect, track and report key metrics
  • Drive and lead regular tactical & SME forums with respective key stakeholders to develop business requirement and address day to day challenges.
  • Responsible to manage vendors and ensure IS/IT capacity, dimensioning, software & platform upgrade SLAs for the following IT processes are met.
    • Incident Management - post implementation
    • Change Management - project implementation
    • Availability Management - design implementation
    • IT Service Continuity Management - bugs management
    • Problem Management - repetitive management
    • Test Acceptance Management - 100% technical review
    • Release Management - 100% technical review
    • Demand Management - 100% technical review
    • Service Request Management - 100% technical review
    • Capacity Management - 100% technical review
  • Responsible to review capacity & dimensioning planning data provision for the service and enhance optimization plan where required.
  • Responsible in develop and enforce IT security policies and standards (security strategy set by ITA & Security)
  • Responsible to validate requests received from functions against the prioritization requirements. Challenge teams wherever inputs are missing or are not as per defined guidelines
  • Responsible in governing the maintenance of infrastructure availability, reliability, maintainability, serviceability & continuity requirements against the cost justified service and operating level agreements for the service
  • Drive various cost optimisation initiatives
  • IS/IT Operating model fine tuning with technology IT blueprint guidance from key stakeholders
  • Manage complex implementation issues, project management and ensure vendor's full compliance with the terms and conditions. Document changes and gaps during implementation.
  • Responsible to coach and develop Infrastructure planning & operation team with clear technology guidance
  • Establish monitoring and metrics-driven processes to enable uptime and performance for key business systems.
  • Regularly communicate with stakeholders via a variety of channels including presentations
  • Negotiate with vendors for effective delivery of managed services.
  • Establish, support, and ensure compliance with ITSM and InfoSec controls.
  • Promote and ensure compliance with legal, InfoSec, business and operational best practices.
  • Be available and participate 24/7 on critical managed services related incident escalation.

Your roles:
  • To Drive IS/IT Infrastructure Governance and Manage existing infrastructure gaps and to Develop infrastructure solution/migration in project management & ensure operation readiness management includes server, DB, network, backup/restoration, windows, virtualization, cloud services & EUC to ensure maximize cost saving and stakeholder expectations

Your Merits: (these are must haves in terms of qualifications & experience & specific technical /professionals skills that you want from the applicant)
  • At least a tertiary level qualification in professional Engineering, Technology , IT, Computer science from a recognized body, though extensive relevant experience
  • You are someone with a broad technical mindset, innovative and has some understanding of business requirements and operating devops model in Digital services
  • You must be able to make sure resourceful and available within your team to react to any issue at hand, and you must have the foresight in anticipating this.
  • You will need to be someone who has solid experience in managing IT Services and digital transformation capabilities, ie Redhat Openstacks, Virtualization, Open Shift, Postgres DB, CISCO ACI, Aruba Access Points, MS o365, Azure, AWS and etc.
  • You have the mindset to take the lead and deliver on the mandate
  • More than 10 years working experience involve end to end IS/IT architecture development, operation and planning
  • Technology Acumen: Understanding how the technical infrastructure supports the business
  • Strong track record of technology delivery
  • Demonstrated success in creating a delivery organization using relevant tools and processes
  • Proven leadership and management skills
  • Overall technical understanding of the applications & Excellent understanding for the business processes
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English