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Job Description


Garden International School (GIS) is one of the world's leading international schools and one of the oldest and most distinguished private international schools in Malaysia with over 70 years of heritage. Supported by a thriving alumni network and a strong track record of outstanding academic results, GIS is one of the highest achieving schools in the world. Our high quality, holistic education ensures that our students leave us well equipped for life and prepared for an uncertain future which is why GIS students are in demand across the world and are sought after by the world's best universities. A through school for children aged 3-18, GIS offers the British-based National Curriculum for England and Wales with bespoke modifications designed to meet the needs of a diverse and inclusive international student body. The Principal manages the business and operations of the school and develops programmes for GIS compatible with the mission, ethos and values of the School. The Principal will be reporting to the President & CEO of Taylor's Schools in leading the ongoing strategic development of GIS and is accountable to the Board of Governors for delivering the highest standard of education and ensuring financial viability of the school.

We are currently seeking a dynamic experienced Principal who can lead the school in delivering a truly outstanding British educational experience for its students. He/ She must be able to manage the business, operations and progress of GIS in order to develop and achieve its vision, mission, business goals and objectives, of being global leaders in building brave, brilliant and inquisitive young people who are committed to the positive growth of themselves and others.


Key Responsibilities

  • Provide strategic and day-to-day management of GIS.
  • Reporting to the President of Taylor's Schools and working in collaboration with other members of Taylor's Schools Office (TSO) and Taylor's Education Group (TEG) to ensure GIS operates in an efficient manner and strategic aims are met.
  • Ensure cohesive and integrated faculty in order to continually develop staff performance to ensure that a high standard of teaching is delivered to students.
  • Articulate and enhance GIS education aims, ensuring that the school is providing an exceptional experience for the students, and that the balance is achieved between academics, the arts, sporting activities, etc.
  • Develop, implement, execute and evaluate the curriculum instructional programs as well as academic related matters and support the activities to improve student achievement.
  • Articulate and enhance GIS education aims, ensuring that the school is providing an exceptional experience for the students and that there is a balance in the achievement between academics, arts, sports activities, etc.
  • Build and promote a positive, supportive and safe school climate that shows interest and care for students.
  • Establish an environment of collaboration, and empower and engage staff in participatory decision-making.
  • Provide effective coaching and performance evaluation to challenge and mentor staff through setting aspirational and achievable goals in order to continue developing their own skills, and to share responsibility and accountability for maintaining high standards throughout the school.
  • Oversee recruitment and welcoming of students, families of students, and staff and promote effective communication between them.
  • Analyse and use school enrolment data to develop an effective plan, direct, monitor or evaluate allocation of fiscal resources which includes planning and submitting annual school budgets.
  • Create a culture of excellence that can build effective relationships with various constituent groups which make up the school community the students, staff, parents, alumni and the local community.

Person specification

  • Minimum 15 years of relevant work experience with demonstrable, successful experience as a school leader preferably in a medium to large international school at the Principal/ Headteacher level.
  • Broad experience in delivering an international education based on the British curriculum.
  • Strong academic credentials including but not limited to knowledge of curriculum, instructional practice, student learning styles, innovative educational practices and student assessment.
  • Strong collaborative management style, and ability to develop and participate effectively in teams.

Applicants should demonstrate

  • Strong academic leadership skills and a deep commitment to improving the quality and standard of education.
  • Ability to create and communicate a clear and compelling view for the future of theschool.
  • Strong collaborative management style, and ability to develop and participate effectively in teams.
  • Evidence of positive personal contributions to the school ethos.
  • Excellent communication skills - both verbally and written.
  • Personal resilience and the ability to engender the best in others.
  • A global perspective / internationally minded.
  • Passion and energy when working with others.
  • Awareness of the challenges facing a private international school in an increasingly competitive market.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Enrolment and retention of students in school and optimum utilisation of school facilities.
  • Customer satisfaction with the delivery of education offered.
  • Achievement of profit and revenue targets.
  • Meeting the quality and performance standards set for schools.
  • Staff satisfaction and morale.




instructional practice
student learning styles
academic leadership skills
innovative educational practices

Taylor&#8217&#x3B;s Education Group (TEG) is one of the oldest, most successful and reputable private education institution in Malaysia and the region. It provides an exceptional educational experience to over 22,000 students in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. With its unsurpassed track record built up over the last six decades, it had earned the reputation for being the centre of excellence Early Years to Postgraduate Education.