4-10 years
4500 - 7083 MYR monthly
5 months ago 83 Applied
Job Description

This position reports to the Chief Sales Officer, and requires, but not limited to, the performance of private secretarial duties.

1. Ensuring that all periodic meetings are effectively organised, and that the minutes of proceedings of such meetings be accurately put on record within a reasonable and timely manner.
2. Monitoring to ensure that appropriate and required action had been taken on matters arising from all meetings.
3. Liaison with all Heads of Departments to collate and facilitate channel performance reports and analytics.
4. The administration involved in the preparation and proper dissemination of all correspondence, reports, memos, forms, etc. to all relevant parties.
5. The maintenance of the database of all clienteles, suppliers, and external trade partners.
6. Ensuring that compliance be met with all legal requirements pertaining to the laws, standards or specifications of the industry, sector, or environment in which the company operates.
7. Fixing up of appointments and engagements and keeping an accurate list of the same.
8. To hold confidential all information relating to the matters of the company.
9. All other duties required of a private secretary.

1. Proficient in using Microsoft Office.
2. Good communication and interpersonal skills.
1. Passion and positive attitude.
2. Loyal and leadership by example.
3. A team-player.
4. Organization and time management.
5. Attention to detail.

1. Candidate must possess at least Degree in any related field.
2. At least 5 years working experience in related field.
3. A strong understanding of the distribution and network channels for the industry.





Bachelors/ Degree

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