Security Engineer

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Job Description

Job Description


Our team is responsible for managing all security aspects from managing network/security components such as cloud/on-prem firewalls, load balancer, VPN servers, SIEM dashboard, code quality control tools. Coordinate

  • Be the subject matter expert on all things about Google Cloud Platform security - when someone wonders how do I secure this, the first person they think to ask is you
  • Design and setup secure networks on the hybrid environment (both GCP and on-prem) based on the industry-standard or best practices aligned with the organization's resources and security requirements
  • Evaluate, implement, maintain, and monitor various network security components such as IDS/IPS, firewalls, VPN appliances...
  • Periodically reviewing existing security policies, network topologies, and configurations to identify any opportunities to improve the network's overall security posture
  • Participating in routine security audits and remediation of any vulnerabilities/exploits while minimally impacting production network traffic
  • Respond and investigate security incidents
  • Deal with common Top10 OWASP vulnerabilities
  • Seeking out opportunities to automate processes when appropriate
  • Performing technical security assessments on our web applications, native clients, internal services
  • Contributing security-focused feedback to engineers during all phases of the development lifecycle .
  • Perform security assessments, working closely with development teams on identifying security issues in their code and finding solutions to provide required functionality securely


  • 3+ years of demonstrated experience in CyberSecurity, preferred to be in Software/E-commerce companies
  • 1+ years of experience with Google Cloud Platform ecosystem and tooling
  • Experience in Python scripting to implement network changes
  • Hands-on experience in troubleshooting network connectivity issues
  • Very good command of English (global/multinational team)