Animation Jobs

1-5 years
4000 - 8000 MYR

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3-6 years
4000 - 5000 MYR

4 months ago

6-11 years

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Animation Opening And Vacancy

The animation industry in India is booming and there is a high demand for animation jobs. It is one of the most demanding yet rewarding careers for passionate job seekers in the creative fields. The minimum qualification required to be eligible for job openings in animation is a bachelors degree in computer animation, fine arts or graphic arts depending on the intended career path. There are many areas within the industry that prospects would be working in like feature films, TV shows, games, childrens programs, music videos etc. Some important skills required of job seekers in the industry are artistic and technical expertise, storytelling skills, flexibility with time, extensive knowledge of their field and the industry. There are many job roles available in the industry like 3D modeler, animator, cartoonist, character artist, stop motion animator, story-board artist, art director and many more. foundit connects job seekers with relevant jobs in the industry to help job seekers build meaningful careers. If you are looking for jobs in animation, upload your updated resume on www.foundit.my and never miss an animation job alert.