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Civil Engineer Job Vacancies

Civil engineering deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects and systems, and those working in civil engineer jobs are responsible for building and maintaining roads, airports, tunnels, buildings, dams, and systems for water supply among others. Aspiring civil engineers can look forward to a wide range of career prospects in industries like construction, railways, infrastructural planning, and environmental technologies development. 


Civil engineer jobs are generally high-paying and offer great potential for career growth. If you are considering a career in civil engineering, here are answers to a few questions candidates looking for civil engineering jobs may have. 


 What is civil engineering? 

An ancient branch of engineering, civil engineering is believed to have commenced between 4000 and 2000 BC in ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley Civilisation. In the olden days, no distinction was made between civil engineering and architecture. In the modern era, civil engineering is defined as the branch of engineering that deals with designing, developing, and maintaining infrastructural projects like roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, buildings, airports, and water supply and sewage systems. 

Civil engineering can be further broken down into sub-disciplines such as construction engineering, environmental engineering, coastal engineering, structural engineering, and geotechnical engineering


 How to become a civil engineer? 

Civil engineering jobs involve planning, designing, developing, constructing, maintaining, and supervising infrastructures. A civil engineering career can be deeply fulfilling for individuals who love to innovate and design structures. To become a civil engineer in India, aspirants have to study mathematics, physics, and chemistry at the high school level. 


After graduating from high school, you can opt for a four-year full-time undergraduate B. Tech Civil engineering program divided into eight semesters. Those who have been working in civil engineer jobs for a while can further their technical education by completing an M. Tech program. 


 What are the technical skills required to become a civil engineer? 

Professionals in a civil engineer job design and supervise large-scale public work construction projects. To be efficient in this field, you need to possess certain technical skills like proficiency in mathematical concepts, a good knowledge of physics, strong analytical thinking, technical writing, and map reading skills among others. Those working in civil engineer jobs have to be highly detail-oriented and ensure that their projects adhere to the legal guidelines and health and safety requirements. 


 What are the skills required for a civil engineering job? 

While civil engineer jobs can be very interesting and rewarding for those who have the right attitude and aptitude, not everyone is cut out to be a civil engineer. A successful engineer is creative and has an analytical mind. You should possess good communication skills, the ability to quickly grasp new concepts, leadership qualities, and an active imagination. Civil engineer jobs can be very challenging and demanding, and only those with strong determination can make it big in the field. 


 What does a civil engineer do? 

Professionals in civil engineer jobs apply their scientific knowledge to design, build, oversee, and maintain construction projects for government organisations or in the private sector. They establish an overall goal and vision for projects and also survey the costs of materials and labour required to complete the tasks. They are involved in projects relating to highways, dams, airports, bridges, roads, tunnels, and other infrastructure. Those in civil engineer jobs work in offices and also spend time at the construction sites. 


 Where do civil engineers work? 

Generally, civil engineers are divided into two categories: consulting engineers and contracting engineers. Consultants in civil engineer jobs work predominantly in an office and are responsible for the design work of projects. On the other hand, contractors in civil engineer jobs work on-site and manage the construction of the structure. Civil engineer jobs are found in abundance in construction, government departments, railways, utility companies, geo-tech, mining, transportation, and water resource engineering. 


 How much do a civil engineer earn? 

Civil engineering is a lucrative career in India, and those working in civil engineer jobs can expect to earn high salaries. Civil engineer jobs in India pay around ₹3,46,700 on average per year. A fresher in the field can expect an average starting salary of ₹1,54,600 per year. With experience, a civil engineer’s capacity to earn higher salaries increases. Experienced civil engineers earn ₹7,54,600 per year on average. In high-paying civil engineer jobs, one can earn over ₹9,00,000 per year. 


 What are the prospects for civil engineers? 

Civil engineering is a vast field with applications and career prospects in a wide range of industries. In the coming decades, it is predicted that the number of civil engineer jobs is going to rise. Civil engineers have considerable scope for work in construction, business, management, and financial sectors. They can become construction managers, geotechnical engineers, public health engineers, environmental engineers, or urban planning engineers. 


Many ambitious young professionals are looking to join this field in the coming years. If becoming a civil engineer is your dream and you believe you have the skills required to become one, then this is a good time to pursue a degree in civil engineering.