Davanagere Opening And Vacancy

Davangere is the sixth largest city in the South Indian state of Karnataka. There are many small and medium scale industries that have created a number of jobs in Davangere. Being a predominantly agro-based industry, there are a number of job opportunities in Devangere?s agricultural sector. Jobs for quality assurance managers, agricultural scientists, food technologists, plant breeders, soil scientists and soil conservationists are in demand.

The cotton, timber and raw material industry is thriving in the city. Some of the reputed agro-based companies are Anjaneya Cotton Mills, Davangere Sugars Company, Indian Cane Power and Shamanur Sugars. The city is also known for its authentic cuisine. This has led to the creation of a number of restaurants and hotels in the city. There is availability of jobs for cooks, chefs, servers, front office managers, HR executives and housekeepers. The place is also known for its heritage sites which include a number of ancient temples. This has led to the creation of tourism jobs in Davangere.

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