Security Supervisor Jobs

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6000 - 8000 MYR

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Security Supervisor Opening And Vacancy

Waiting to make the neighbourhood a safer place? A Security Supervisor's job is just right for you. As a Security Supervisor, you would be required to monitor the staff by patrolling alongside with them. The security supervisor would also be responsible for inspecting and overseeing the working of various electronic surveillance equipment that are employed on the premises. Depending on the size of the personnel that the candidate is supposed to man, the aspirant might need to undertake patrol duty, or the tasks could be all about handling administrative jobs. Security supervisors need to be extremely approachable and affable as they are the pivotal point where others report or come to clear their doubts and concerns. They're also the people concerned with the final decisions. Usually, a security supervisor needs to utilize her/his skills, talent, capabilities and experience apart from expertise over the years to rise up to the place of being in charge of a team of guards. The security supervisors need to have in depth knowledge about a lot of areas like electronic monitoring systems, directions and geographical locations apart from other abilities such as driving, and a fair amount of knowledge about technologies. Security Supervisors often do well if they have a bachelor degrees in subjects like electrical engineering or computer science. From leading safety drills to transporting accused people, a security supervisor has a lot on his plate to handle. Critical thinking, thus is an important facet that should present in the candidate.