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3 things more important than a pay rise

3 Things More Important Than A Pay Rise

This might surprise you, but money isn’t everything.

Even though we know many candidates switch roles and find new jobs for financial reasons, the main reason people in Malaysia feel secure in their jobs has nothing to do with salary.

In fact, according to a recent poll by Monster Malaysia, the biggest reason Malaysian employees feel secure in their roles is to do with the growth opportunities that are available. A whopping 41% agree that consistent promotions and learning opportunities are more important than anything else.

Yes, more important than:

  1. The company being a good financial standing (23%)
  2. Having a good relationship with your boss (22%), and
  3. Regular pay rises at least one per year (11%)

Poll Results 

So why are learning opportunities and the availability to grow so important to Malaysian talent? Well, we put it down to these things:

Top talent want more responsibilities
Considering we spend so much of our lives at work, it makes sense that we love what we do. And when we love what we do, we want to get better at it. And getting better at our jobs means taking on more responsibilities and eventually having a leadership position – or at least having a voice in certain projects, tasks and the direction of your business unit.

People today want to feel valued, understood and listened to at work. And if a company is providing learning and development opportunities to help people get promoted, then this is a key sign the business cares about your upward mobility.

More money doesn’t make you a better employee
Just because you’re paid more, doesn’t mean you’re better at what you do (anyone who has had an incompetent boss will know this is true!) How many times have you seen a company throw money at someone just to get them to stay, only for that person to not deliver, slack off, and not fulfill their job requirements?

Being paid more money doesn’t make you a more valuable candidate – either at your current job or at your next one – so don’t let this dictate your worth or capabilities.

Your happiness matters more than money
Things like having a good relationship with the people you work with, having a great company culture, having flexibility at work, and being valued and respected in your job can go a lot further than a fat paycheck.

Happiness is a holistic measure, and doesn’t rely solely on one thing – especially not money. Don’t get blinded by the dollar signs! Your satisfaction on the job is what matters.

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