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4 things that can get you fired without notice

4 things that can get you fired without notice

Being fired, effective immediately, is a traumatic, shocking and devastating blow. It results in not only the abrupt halt of your monthly income, but also the awkwardness of being marched out of your office and the stigma received from future interviewers and friends. That said, employers cannot fire an employee without cause – and there are some things that result in  immediate dismissal. Here are some cases that can send you packing without notice:

Confidentiality clash
Sharing confidential information about your company and clients are definite no-nos. Even for those who don’t normally work in areas of the company that deal with classified information, it can still create problems when any private information is shared. This could include such things as trade secrets, the company’s financial performance, details of the company’s or client’s strategic plans, or even private information about another colleague. Gaining a competitive advantage is crucial for any company, and allowing your company to lose that edge can result in a significant economic impact to the organization and cost you your job.

Social Media messes
While social media can help boost your career, connect you with leads, and help in a job search, it can also cause harm to your reputation if handled inappropriately. It’s not uncommon to hear about employees who lost their jobs because of negative comments about their boss, the company or client they work with. Also, posting some personal opinions on sensitive or controversial issues can result in severe consequences, as you should always consider any social sites completely public because you have no idea who will see what you’ve posted or if one of your contacts will share the information you thought you were posting in confidence. A good rule of thumb is to avoid posting anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying in front of your boss.

Lying on your résumé
Sometimes, job seekers embellish their qualifications in order to increase chances of landing that dream job. Remember the Masterchef Malaysia judge who claimed he worked in two critically acclaimed restaurants, but it turned out he hadn’t? If your employer ever finds out that you lied – and  they often do – you’re almost certainly toast. Lying on your résumé is an example of gross misconduct and you can be terminated immediately. And yes, that can still happen even if your deception comes to light after years of working for the company.
Serious misconduct
Some work behaviour is considered so unprofessional that it is classified as ‘gross misconduct’ and can result in instant canning. There’s a lot that falls into this category, from theft and fraud to sexual harassment and criminal behaviour. Some other examples include an employee intentionally misrepresenting a product or service, which leaves the company potentially liable for fraud; employees that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while working, or falsifying company records, which is not only unethical but could cause long-term legal problems for the organisation.

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