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4 Top Skills Auto Companies are Looking for in Candidates

In the last 30 years, cars have changed a lot, not only in Malaysia but all around the world. Cars can now drive on their own and have lots of cool technology.

This means there’s a need for people who have new skills to work on these cars. We still need the skills of regular engineers, but now we also need engineers who understand both old and new ways of doing things.

This change in skills is just a part of how the Malaysian workforce is always getting better at what they do.

4 Best Skills Needed in the Automotive Industry :

1. Artificial Intelligence & Application Software (AI)
2. Electrical engineering
3. Digital sales specialist
4. Soft skills

1. Artificial Intelligence & Application Software (AI)

AI and machine learning are already playing an integral role in the progression of self-driving vehicles on public roads. While it still seems like a journey that Malaysia needs to embark on, Malaysia’s car manufacturing industry is likely to prosper, as the technology behind these autonomous vehicles is undoubtedly the future.

As automation and connectivity are at the heart of car makers’ strategies, more players in the market will be looking for the right niche skills to spearhead this revolution. Knowing your way around AI and application software will certainly boost your career in the next years.

2. Electrical engineering

The global shift to hybrid and electric vehicles is fuelling demand for powertrain and power electronics specialists. From electrical motor control to battery and power management, employers will be looking for talent specialising in this growing sector.

As the world moves toward more sustainable energy solutions, the demand for experts in power electronics is requiring a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering skills. Your career prospects are not limited to the automotive sector, but extend to a variety of other industries, including the aeronautical, architectural and infrastructural space.

3. Digital sales specialist

In today’s world, almost every customer is an ‘internet customer’ in the sense that most purchasing decisions are influenced by what we see or interact with online.

As we spend more and more time researching cars and comparing prices online, the demand for digital sales specialist is increasing.

Before going down to a dealership, many customers will already have done their research, which means that the sales pitch is moving from offline to online. As reciting a car’s benefits is no longer necessary (since the consumer probably already knows), sales specialists need to create trust and confidence online.

4. Soft skills

While having technical skills is crucial, the trainable workforce cannot rely on just trade-based skills. With the rise of AI and other technologies, HR managers are predicting an increased demand for soft skills among the workforce.

For instance, the automotive industry may require workers that have good knowledge of computers and mathematics but are also able to think critically.

Soft skills such as communication, decision-making and negotiation skills are the trifecta of abilities that the automotive industry is looking for. Being able to lead, problem-solve, innovate and influence people cross-functionally is an important attribute that will be of high value throughout your career.

Conclusion on Skills Required for Auto Companies

In the dynamic world of the automotive industry, possessing the right skills can make you a highly sought-after candidate.

As technology continues to reshape the sector, mastering these top skills will not only enhance your employability but also contribute to the innovation and growth of auto companies.

FAQ on Top Skills Auto Companies are Looking for

Q1. What skills do auto companies value the most?

Answer: Auto companies highly value skills like technical proficiency, problem-solving ability, teamwork, adaptability, and a strong grasp of emerging technologies.

Q2. Why are technical skills important for auto industry candidates?

Answer: Technical skills ensure candidates can handle the complexities of modern vehicles, diagnostics, repairs, and advancements in automotive technology.

Q3. How does problem-solving ability benefit candidates in the auto industry?

Answer: Problem-solving skills enable candidates to diagnose and troubleshoot issues efficiently, contributing to streamlined operations and customer satisfaction.

Q4. Why is adaptability crucial for success in the auto sector?

Answer: The auto industry rapidly evolves with new technologies. Being adaptable ensures candidates can keep up with changes and contribute to innovative solutions.

Q5. How does teamwork play a role in the auto industry?

Answer: Auto companies often require collaboration among engineers, designers, and other professionals. Strong teamwork ensures efficient project execution and improved outcomes.

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