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Top 10 Engineering Jobs in Malaysia

With progress in infrastructure and technology, Malaysia has bright prospects for engineers from different backgrounds and experiences.

If you are a fresh graduate in Malaysia, then finding a job can take some work. But, with the right knowledge, landing your new job could be a breeze! 

Whether it’s mechanical engineers or IT geeks, Malaysia boasts an extensive opportunity for engineering jobs.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 highest paying and in-demand engineering jobs in Malaysia. 

  1. Electrical Engineers

As a world powered by electricity and other forms of energy, electrical engineers are always in demand. Electrical engineering jobs are associated with developing, testing, and inspecting electrical equipment in various industries. Electrical engineers can get into power engineering, instrumentation engineering, to name some. 

Average Salary: RM 40K.

  1. Mechanical Engineers

Having a degree in mechanical engineering can widen your career options. They can gain expertise in thermodynamics, mechanics, structural analysis, and more. 

Average Salary: RM 40K – RM 50K

  1. Civil Engineers

With constantly evolving infrastructure, civil engineers are quite sought-after in Malaysia. They ideate, implement and supervise construction projects.

Average Salary: RM 40K to RM 70K

  1. Software/IT Engineers

Companies offering software engineering jobs to techies are at a soaring high. With cutting-edge technologies like AI, data science, and machine learning, recruiters hardly turn their backs to software engineers equipped with new skills. Here’s how you can get a job in the IT sector in Malaysia.

Average Salary: Upwards of RM 50K

  1. Structural Engineers

We’ve talked about Malaysia’s continuous infrastructural progress before. This is where civil engineers and structural engineers complement each other. Structural engineers work towards improving the structural integrity of constructions.

Average Salary: Around RM 60K

  1. Aerospace/Aircraft Engineers

As an aerospace engineer, you can specialize in avionics, aerodynamics, and missile engineering. Design and analytical skills are highly desired for an aerospace engineering job.

Average Salary: RM 50K to RM 100K

  1. Chemical Engineers

From our food to fuel, chemical engineering is involved in every aspect of our daily lives. As the pharmaceutical industry is booming these days, chemical engineers are much in-demand.

Average Salary: RM 30K to RM 50K

  1. Biomedical Engineers

Another desired engineering job in the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical engineers work to advance medical research. In today’s times, a biomedical engineering job comes with a handsome paycheck.

Average Salary: RM 50K to RM 100K

  1. Industrial Engineers

Industrial Engineers are the backbone of any manufacturing unit. They are responsible for conceiving efficient ways to function workers, material, and machines in seamless unison. From a shampoo sachet to an automotive part, industrial engineers look over different processes in a production unit.

Average Salary: RM 60K to RM 100K

  1. Petroleum Engineers

Oil and gas are the major fuels on which the world runs. Petroleum engineers devise ways to extract petroleum and natural gas sustainably. It is one of the highest-paying engineering jobs in the world. And same stands true for Malaysia. 

Average Salary: Upwards of RM100k a year.

Engineers make the world run smoothly. Since they play an integral part in our day-to-day lives, the demand for engineers in every industry is perpetual. In a fast-growing economy, engineering job opportunities in Malaysia are aplenty. The pay differs according to your level of experience and how well you perform in your interviews.

Good luck with your job search!

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