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Work Life Balance – Key to enhancing productivity

“Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.” – Hillary Clinton

Work, no doubt, is an integral part of our lives but there is always need for a balance. Yes, Work Life Balance is important and according to our new research, Work-life balance is a concept that remains out of reach for a majority of Malaysian professionals, who continue to struggle with unsupportive work environments and a lack of flexi-work policies to encourage a more holistic life.

In fact, 45% of the respondents said their current employers do not have existing policies regarding work-life balance. Although 40% said their managers were “somewhat supportive” of work-life balance in general, they were not consistent in helping employees find a practical balance that works for both the individual and the business. Thirty percent even stated their bosses believe work-life balance as a “fad”.

As part of the research, Monster.com in Southeast Asia surveyed more than 1000 working professionals in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines to find out what aspects of work-life balance are most valued by them.

Highlights of the Monster Work-Life Balance Research

  • 39% of Malaysian employees say uncooperative bosses and colleagues are a barrier to achieving work-life balance.
  • 37% say their workplace does not provide them with the necessary tools required to work from home.
  • Nearly half of respondents feel they can “sometimes” balance work and life, with 42% admitting they worry about work outside the office.
  • 49% rated their current work-life balance situation as “average” and in need of improvement. Findings of the research have been depicted in an interesting and easy to understand infographic – click here to view.

Monster – Work-Life Balance Campaign

Monster has launched the Work-Life Balance campaign to highlight the importance of prioritizing a modern approach to work and encouraging employers to implement policies that promote wholesome, complete and harmonious life.


For more videos of the Work-Life Balance, series click here.

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In order to inspire and help you manage your work efficiently, here are some interesting reads:

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